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About Us

Pranav Nature Cure is one of the leading Homeopathic clinic around Tiruppur and also has established its online services in India. With a high success rate in curing any kind of disease through their effective homeopathic treatment, Pranav Nature Cure is on an exponential ascent to be recognized as the one of the best Homeopathic Clinic. The services provided by us are of high quality, cost effective and largely efficient

We have been providing the services as the per the standards in healthcare services , which has made our system much more quality conscious than most others in the homeopathic practice category.

Pranav Nature Cure has been actively involved in promoting homeopathy all over the world. People from across the country have been approaching for the treatment and getting cured.

Our Vision:

To bring the Medical Excellency in homeopathy treatment within the reach of people for better lifestyle for each and every individual..

Our Mission:

To Provide the medical Practice with the high standards by offering quality and high-standard treatment to its patients, enabling them to improve and maintain their health, with due regard to post-treatment concerns.

Our Doctor's Profile

Dr. Senthil Kumar
Dr. Senthil Kumar is a self motivated, strong willed, kind hearted, ambitious and a positive attitude person whose pioneering effort towards contributing a healthy society. . His aim is to spread and dedicate homeopathy which is the best and affordable treatment even to the economical backward wing. The advent of the new age medical coincided with the rapid strides our country that has been making towards science and technology ignoring the best method of constitutional therapy. Viewing evolutionary scenario in the medical field, which is a mirage to the common man. Thereafter, he embarked upon a remarkable journey as a homeopathic to start a medical domain wherein the institution can contribute maximum the society.
His Medical Career
As a Nobel soul with his hard work, dedication and a significant contribution toward mankind started Pranav Nature Cure to fulfil his mission., is to see an affordable medical service, in the yr 2005.With his guidance and leadership qualities within a span of 10yr, with great and high ethical values which spreads quality and dedication to provide highest standard of professional excellence and satisfactory treatment to the needy. Dedication and humanity is embedded in the every DNA of POSITIVE FAMILY. His path towards Homeopathy is as “ONE END SOLUTION” to all the health issues. Who believes in Gandhisim. Gandhi ji Quote “Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other form of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical.” COME AND BE A PART OF THE MEDICAL REVOLUTION.