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Why Homeopathy

How should homeopathic remedies be administered?
It is usually recommended that remedies not be taken with food or water because this might either render them ineffective or reduce their efficacy. Also, withhold food or water 30 minutes before or after giving your kitty his/her remedy.
What is an aggravation?
An aggravation is when the original symptoms worsen. Some homeopaths feel that this initial aggravation occurs because the Vital Force is being stimulated, and is thus responding to the remedy taken/given. An aggravation should not last very long, and soon you should see an improvement in you.
Why can't i just buy an over the counter combination remedy?
You can, but beware that combination remedies have not been proven; only each of the remedies that is a part of the combo has, so the effect of them all taken together is unknown. Do you really want to be a guinea pig? It is possible that one of the remedies that is a part of this combo will help you, but how do you know which one? And what damage would the other remedies that do not match your symptoms, cause to you? Besides homeopathy does not work like conventional system of medicine. You cannot just take a remedy for a given disease such as Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Two patients with IBD might need two different remedies based on their unique totality of symptoms.
Is it true that homoeopathy has no side-effects? If yes, why?
Yes, homeopathy has no side-effects because the amount of drug substance in homeopathic medicines is extremely small due to a pecuiar method of potentisation. But you must also remember that they are medicines afterall.Hence if taken without medical guidance they could be harmful.
Is homoeopathy very slow acting?
This is a very popular misconception. The notion "Homoeopathy acts slowly?" or " HOMEOPATHY takes long time to show results." is baseless. In acute illnesses if remedy is selected accurately, its effect is almost magical. In chronic illnesses, time taken is relative to the duration of illness.
Are lot of diet restrictions to be followed while on homeopathic treatment?
No, not at all. Apart from the food restrictions that go with some particular illness (eg.sugar restriction for diabetics) there are no particular food restrictions to be followed just because you are on homeopathic treatment
Is homeopathy meant only for diseases of long standing (chronic diseases) ?
No, homeopathy is eually effective in acute problems. In fact, in cases of acute problems, results are much faster.
Can diabetics take homeopathic medicines?
Yes. Most of you may not be aware, but inspite of sugar restrictions for a diabetic, a major part of the diet (Indian diet) like chapatis made of wheat, rice contain carbohydrates which is a form of sugar. So a few homeopathic pills will not drastically alter the blood sugar levels.Besides, diabetes itself can be treated with homeopathy.
Are local ointments allowed in homeopathy?
Ideally, skin diseases are best treated by taking homeopathic medicines internally & avoiding ointments. Are allopathic medicines allowed to be continued while on homeopathic treatment? Some allopathic medicines can be taken with homeopathy while others are best avoided.The decision should be taken by the homeopathic physician treating you.
How much time one should give for treatment of chronic and long-standing problems?
There is no THUMB RULE to know the duration of treatment required. A minimum period of three to six month is generally enough to feel the perceptible difference though the complete restoration may depend on many diverse factors like chronicity of complaints, multiplicity of complaints, severity of complaints, recurrence of complaints, past history, family history, age and individual's response to the treatment, continued physical, mental and psychological stresses etc.